LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask


Bundled by @laurarieben in Cool Moms on Zoom Calls

A hydrated lip has better ROI than toilet paper stock in 2020.  I use this day and night and it keeps my lips looking and feeling *juicy*.  It’s a little luxury that is worth every penny and lasts forever. Treat yourself.

Bundled by @jeananngenzano in Goodnight NYC

My BFF and fellow BundleMaker gave me a huge slather of this one night after a long day in the sun. My lips were wrecked from too much sun, salt (margaritas) and pure dehydration. The lip mask is a thicker version of your favorite lip gloss with a buttery texture and a hold that will stay on strong all night long. Wake up with the softest, plumpest, happiest lips of your life.

Bundled by @erinshaffer in Sephora Haul

This lip mask is legendary. Not really skincare, but I think we can all agree that soft, smooth lips are just as important as healthy skin!

Bundled by @jean in APRÈS SKI

I can’t get enough of this lip mask! I decided to go for the vanilla variety for the wintertime and have not looked back. Its such a treat, I could not recommend this for dry, cracked, sore winter lips enough. It is a daily (and nightly) part of my routine when the temp drops and the heat comes on.
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