Manitobah Mukluks Women’s Tall Gatherer Snow Boot


Bundled by @meghandley in Bootie-licious

When it comes to this boot, I’m a die hard fan. I’ve been wearing these boots for the past 8 years, and I will continue to buy them for as long as they continue to make them. I first found them at Free People, and I was just so happy to find something that wasn’t a fuzzy Ugg boot. Look, I love me some Ugg too, but I was sick of looking like every other middle age woman out there. What do you get for the price? Super soft leather exterior, a vibram sole and a sheepskin shearling lining inside of the boot. Adjustable for almost any size calf, tie these up for a casual, slouchy look. These boots are inspired and handmade by the Aboriginals of Canada.  Which means every pair is unique and individually crafted. Manitobah MukLuks get an A for originality and style.

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