Sophia Posh Circular Crib


Bundled by @laura in Blush Baby Heaven

Round Crib.  The most talked about piece in the room.  When I was looking for a round crib, I was unwilling to pay the RH prices.  We needed a round crib, as the walls of the room without windows or doors were already housing furniture.  We bought this round crib and opted not to attach the spindles or canopy portion.  The mattress and sheets were a little trickier to find, but we found exactly the right size items through trial and error.  I have provided links to the mattress, dust ruffle, and sheets we loved to save you time and the trial and error we went through.  My daughter is tall for 2.5 yrs old now, and she still fits comfortably in this crib, although we are moving to a big girl bed soon (she launched herself out of the crib over the weekend).  Also loved putting her right in the middle of the room, so she was under the fan and we could see her, when the door was open.

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Round Crib


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